Elle Karel

Originally from just north of Raleigh, NC and make my biscuits from scratch! Growing up I loved to go sailing with my dad and make candies with my mom.  Childhood summers were barefoot and wild at "The Cottage" in Northwoods, WI with my 3 younger sisters! We spent a lot of time learning traditional homesteading skills from my grandparents. 

I received my B.S. in Elementary Ed. from Appalachian State University and worked in the public school system and various youth services for a decade until we welcomed our son Beau Warren to the world! 

After my husband became a Finance Officer in the US Army we moved a lot and endured 2 deployments to Afghanistan. So far we have lived in: NC, MS, WI, CO, & are currently in WA! 

I started building a collection of illustrations as a way to channel the intensity of my life experiences in a positive way. I have always had the creative vision but I definitely needed and continue to practice!  Elle Karel has now taken a life of its own as a brand and custom illustration service! My favorite advice to any aspiring dreamer:  1. A year from now, you'll wish you started today! 2. Work begets work! 3. Don't be afraid to make bad art!

I aspire to be a children's book writer/illustrator and have a few books on the drawing board. I love architectural and nature drawings with a modern and quirky style. Thanks for the love! 

For my portfolio, new illustrations, sales, and giveaways follow me on Instagram @ellekarel.

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